Band : Warren Haynes 12th Annual XMAS Jam
Date : 12/21/00
Venue : Thomas Wolfe Auditorium-Asheville, NC
Source : DAUD
Info : Microtech Gefell's M210->Oade P/S->SBM-1->D-8
Grade : A 
Length : 5 Disc
Comments : See tracklistings for each band's setlist/discs in order by artist's

Disc 1
Warren Haynes Solo Acoustic
1) Unsung Heroes
2) I'll Be The One
3) In My Life*
Chris Duarte Band
4) Badness 
5) Shiloh
6) Who Knows**
7) Watch Out***
Bottle Rockets
8) Nancy Sinatra-> 
9) Stuck In A Rut
10) Welfare Music
11) Perfect Far Away

*w/Matt Abts on drums, **w/Audley Freed on guitar, ***w/Mike Barnes & Audley Freed on guitar

Disc 2
Bottle Rockets (continued)
1) $1000 Car*
2) I'll Be Coming Around**
Aquarium Rescue Unit
3) Elevator To The Moon
4) Fixin' To Die
5) Trondossa
6) Time Is Free->
7) Jack The Rabbit***
Warren Haynes, Matt Abts, & Dave Schools
8) Goin' Out West
9) Lay Your Burden Down+

*w/Warren Haynes on guitar, **w/Warren & Audley Freed on guitars, ***w/John Popper
   on harmonica, +w/Dan Matrazzo on keyboards

Disc 3
Warren, Matt, & Dave Schools (continued)
1) Fallen Down*
2) World Gone Wild*
3) She Caught The Katy**
4) Mountains Win Again**
5) Tastes Like Wine***
6) Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys*
7) Straight To Hell+

*w/Dan Matrazzo on keyboards, **w/John Popper on vocals and harmonica & Dan on
   keyboards, ***w/Jimmy Herring on guitar & Dan on keyboards, +w/Kevn Kinney on
   guitar and vocals

Disc 4
Warren & Friends Acoustic
1) Yours*
2) Alone*
3) Scarred But Smarter**
4) Just Outside Of Heaven***
5) Beautiful Life+
6) Solitude+
7) I Shall Be Released^
8) Come And Go Blues#
9) Midnight Rider#

*w/John Popper on guitar & vocals, **w/Kevn on guitar & vocals & John on harmonica, 
***w/Kevn on guitar & vocals & Tramp on violin, +w/Edwin McCainon guitar & vocals 
^w/Warren on guitar & vocals, Kevn & Edwin on vocals & John on vocals & harmonica
#w/Gregg Allman & Warren on guitar & vocals

Disc 5
Allman Brothers Band
1) Intro
2) Don't Want You No More->
3) It's Not My Cross To Bear->
4) Ain't Wasting Time No More
5) Born Under A Bad Sign*
6) Soulshine**
7) Dreams
8) Statesboro Blues***
9) One Way Out+

*w/Floyd Miles on vocals, Paul Riddle on drums, Jaimoe on percussion, 
**w/Dan on keyboard & Paul on drums, w/o Jaimoe, ***w/John on harmonica, 
  Audley on guitar & Paul, w/o Jaimoe, +w/Mike Barnes on guitar & John 
  on harmonica

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