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Voodoo Child's
Black Crowes Trading

Hey everybody, welcome to my tapelist. Hopefully you'll see
something you like and we can set up a trade.

First off, a few rules:
Maxell XLII or TDK-SA only (audio)
Maxell Silver or Gold only (video)
No high speed dubbing
No Dolby
No auto-reverse
Be HONEST about grades
Send setlists and any info with show
I prefer to send cases and j-cards
We can work something out if you have nothing to trade
Keep the decks spinnin', clean your heads, ENJOY THE MUSIC!!!!! 

AUDIOS A+:Excellent. Usually SBD or FM sources only. Very low gen HQ AUD tapes A:Very good. Higher gen SBD's and top quality AUD A-:Good. Medium gen (above 3rd) AUD tapes, noticeable hiss, worth having B+:Average. Worth it if you're wanting/needing that specific show. Anything lower:For diehards and serious collectors only. VIDEOS A+:Excellent. Pro-Shot only A:Very good. Higher gen PRO's, top rating an AUD shot tape can get A-:Good. Very few heads in the way, steady shot B+:Average. Noticeable shakiness, some heads in the shot. Anything lower:You're taking a risk... Note: As usual, all grades are subjective. An "A" to me may be an "A-" or "A+" to you. If you feel a show doesn't live up to the grade I gave it, feel free to get in touch and we'll figure something out.
I finally bought a CD burner!!! Click on the link below for my CDR page.

***Tapelist-Updated 3/31/00***
Shows Added:God Street Wine-1/27/95 (Tape), MMW-1/14/99 (CDR)

Click on the link(s) below to see what shows I've got (and want)from each tour. Let me know what ya think...
CDR Trading Page CD's only! Sections below are cassette only unless noted (Mule) Blues Is Blood Tour 1990-1991 High As The Moon Tour 1992-1993 Amorica Or Bust Tour 1994-1995 HORDE Tour 1995 Three Snakes Tour 1996-1997 Furthur Festival 1997 Sho 'Nuff Tour 1998-1999 Souled Out Tour 1999 Includes shows w/Jimmy Page Crowes Video Gov't Mule Includes CD's, tapes, and videos!!! Miscellaneous Tapes Includes Allman Bros, moe, Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Phish and more...

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How's the saying go? "If you have to ask, you'll never know"

Wanna Trade?

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My ICQ is working again!!! If you wanna set up a trade, leave me a message here, if I'm online, I'll get it immediately. If not, I'll get it as soon as I come back on. Or you can e-mail me here.

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