Band : Gov't Mule
Date : 3/7/00
Venue : Irving Plaza-New York, NY
Source : DAUD
Info : Schoeps MK4V->Lunatec V2->Apogee A/D 1000
Grade : A
Length : 2 Disc
Comments : 1st disc is 'Life Before Insanity' album played live in it's entirity
           *w/Johnny Neel on keyboards, **w/Johnny on keyboards and Leslie West
           on guitar and vocals, ***w/Derek Trucks on guitar and Danny Lewis on
           keyboards, ****w/Derek on guitar and Johnny on keyboards

Disc 1
1) Wandering Child
2) Life Before Insanity
3) Bad Little Doggie*
4) Lay Your Burden Down*
5) Fallen Down*
6) World Gone Wild*
7) Tastes Like Wine*
8) I Think You Know What I Mean*
9) Far Away*
10) No Need To Suffer*
11) In My Life*

Disc 2
1) Never In My Life**
2) Stormy Monday**
3) Mississippi Queen**
4) 32-20 Blues***
5) Smokestack Lightning***
6) Soulshine****
7) Mule*

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