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Mr. Crowes Garden Original Demo 1986 SBD B+ B-Sides Compilation '90-'99 SBD A 180 MINS (complete B-Sides) Sensimelia Vol I (1990-91) SBD A+ 90 MINS Sensimelia Vol II (1992-93) SBD A+ 90 MINS 05/??/92 Howard Stern Interview w/Chris FM A- 45 MINS 11/??/94 Troubadour-Los Angeles,CA SBD A+ 90 MINS (Foamfoot) 01/30/95 "Rockline" FM A 90 MINS 03/10/95 Chris & Steve Interview-WRCX Chicago FM A 20 MINS 03/29/95 Eddie Interview-Detroit Radio FM A 10 MINS 04/14/95 Urban Shakedancers w/Marc Ford on encore (3 songs) AUD A 30 MINS 03/15/99 "Rockline" FM A 90 MINS Burning Tree-"Live At Leeds" SBD A+ 25 MINS (Marc Ford's pre-BC band)
*****ALLMAN BROS******
03/19/97 Beacon Theatre-New York,NY AUD A+ 180 MINS
*****BLUE FLOYD******
01/15/00 Belly Up Club-Solona Beach, CA DAUD1 A+ 180 MINS
05/16/98 The Chance-Poughkeepsie, NY DAUD2 A 45 MINS 04/15/99 Mainstreet-Murfreesboro, TN DAUD1 A+ 135 MINS 02/04/00 Northern Lights-Clifton Park, NJ DAUD2 A 135 MINS
04/10/99 Recher Theater-Townsend, MA DAUD2 A+ 180 MINS
05/28/99 Buckeye Lake Music Center-Hebron, OH SBD A 90 MINS
02/27/99 Satyricon-Portland, OR AUD B- 30 MINS (Marc's new band!) 04/22/99 Bogarts-Cincinnati,OH AUD A+ 50 MINS
*****FOXTROT ZULU******
11/13/99 Benchwarmers-Salisbury, NC DAUD1 A+ 180 MINS 12/31/99 White Cap Lodge-Newry, ME DAUD1 A+ 180 MINS
08/01/99 Mud Island Amphitheater-Memphis, TN DAUD? A 90 MINS
*****GOD STREET WINE******
01/27/95 Avalon Ballroom-Boston, MA AUD A 180 MINS
*****GRATEFUL DEAD******
11/08/69 Fillmore West-San Francisco, CA DAUD? A- 180 MINS 12/16/94 Sports Arena-Los Angeles, CA DAUD3 A 180 MINS 07/09/95 Soldier Field-Chicago, IL DAUD? A 180 MINS
*****MEDESKI, MARTIN, & WOOD******
01/14/99 Bowery Ballroom-New York, NY DAUD1 A+ 135 MINS
08/01/99 Mud Island Amphitheater-Memphis, TN DAUD? A 90 MINS 09/21/99 St. Andrews Hall-Detroit, MI DSBD2 A 180 MINS
10/13/91 Surf Club-Olympia,WA DAUD? A 90 MINS (Set I only)* 10/15/98 Fillmore-San Francisco,CA DAUD3 A- 200 MINS 11/02/98 E Center-W.Valley,UT DAUD3 A- 200 MINS 11/15/98 MTSU-Murfreesboro,TN DAUD3 A 90 MINS (Set II only) 07/01/99 F.A. Music Center-Nashville,TN DAUD4 A- 180 MINS *Includes "Gamehendge" saga
03/01/96 Mainstreet-Murfreesboro,TN DAUD? A- 90 MINS 12/31/97 Mainstreet-Murfreesboro,TN DAUD3 A- 180 MINS 02/26/98 Wetlands-New York,NY DAUD2 A 180 MINS 03/13/99 Unknown-Huntsville, AL DAUD1 A+ 150 MINS
08/01/99 Mud Island Amphitheater-Memphis, TN DAUD? A 90 MINS
07/27/99 Roseland Ballroom-New York,NY AUD A- 90 MINS 07/28/99 Roseland Ballroom-New York,NY AUD A- 90 MINS
ANY Mr. Crowes Garden shows Sweet Pickle Salad Demos (Chris, Marc, & Craig Ross) Galactic-ANYTHING Manic Street Preachers-Any pre-'95 shows Phish-10/31/94 10/31/95 12/31/95 12/31/99 Complete "Cliford Ball","Great Went", "Lemon Wheel" and "Oswego" shows SCW-Any Nashville/Murfreesboro shows I don't have I'm also looking for any cool "jam" bands you think I might dig, especially wanting to get some Strangefolk, Day By The River, and God Street Wine.
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