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My Name is Mia, I'm a 4 month old Labrador Retriever and live in Nashville, TN. This is a page I put together while my Dadddy was sleeping. It's just a way to show you all some pictures of me and tell you about my life so far...
This is how I start my day, every day. I run to the door to be let outside. Well, maybe not every day, but I do my best. I was only about 8 weeks old in this picture. I'm a lot bigger now!
Here's me "pottying outside like a big girl". I really do try to remember to do it only in the yard, but sometimes I'm kinda forgetful. I know this isn't a very pleasent picture, but I just wanted to show everybody that's experienced my occasional "accidents", that I really do know what's right... Some of my favorite things are eating, sleeping, chewing, playing, drinking, chewing, going for walks, sleeping, wrestling, chewing, digging, sleeping, and more chewing. I guess you could say I really like to sleep and chew. Speaking of which... Here I am sleeping at 10 weeks old. I'm trying to get comfortable and my Daddy (Nick) keeps sticking that camera in my face. And here I am chewing on something at about the same age. Well, I'm not actually chewing on anything yet, but I will be as soon as he gets that camera outta here... Right here I'm playing with my first ever tennis ball. It was a gift from my friends Remi and Harley (you'll see their picture in a sec). This was about 30 seconds before I buried it, and about 30 minutes before I dug it back up. I've repeated that process about 4 zillion times since then. This is me in my natural element...OUTSIDE!!! I love being outside! I was only like 8 weeks in this shot. I remember because I was still able to go outside without that terrible leash. PEEKABOO!!! Forget Waldo, let's play "Where's the black lab"... Here's my first ever encounter with snow! I really liked it once I got used to it. Here I'm still playing in the snow. These were taken the Friday before Christmas, so I'd just turned 3 months old (my birthday is Sept 21 if you wanna send presents, money, rawhide, etc). I love getting wet in the snow. My Daddy keeps promising as soon as I get big enough he's going to take me to the lake to swim...I can't wait!!! This is me standing outside our laundry room. There must be something really neat in there, 'cause Dad won't ever let me in! He always says something about how "until I wear clothes" I have no business in there. This was taken Christmas day at my Grandmother's house in Waverly. I met my uncle Pete for the first time that weekend. I'm not too sure what he thought about me, I may be a little too rough for him. But I'll grow outta that. Remember that piture of me sleeping earlier? Well... I was 8 weeks old in that picture, here I am at 3 1/2 months. I take up alot more room on the couch than I used to... I woke up after that picture just long enough to chew some more. I'm definitely growing up quick. 4 weeks ago I weighed 29 lbs, 2 weeks ago I was up to 43!!! I'll likely weigh a 100 lbs or more once I'm grown. My Daddy doesn't seem nearly as excited about my impending size as I am. No special meaning behind this picture really, just me doing what I do best - BEING CUTE! Here are Harley and Remi, my two best friends. Harley is pretty much just a full size version of me. I hope I'm as sweet and smart as she is when I grow up. Remi, who I'm not sure even likes me, is the smallest dog I've ever seen!!! Look close or you might miss her in this pic. Well, I better be going. My daddy will be awake soon, and he might not like me on his computer. Thats okay though, as soon as he gets up it'll be playtime!!! I love my daddy... GOODBYE