Band : DJ Logic (Project Logic Tour)
Date : 5/7/00
Venue : Tipitina's-New Orleans, LA
Source : DAUD
Info : AKG C3000 II->Neumann KM140->V2->AD1000->D8
Grade : A
Length : 3 Disc
Comments : w/Warren Haynes on guitar, Medeski on bass, and Jon Fishman on drums

There's been a lot of people wanting to know the setlist for this show, and pretty
much nobody's had any luck. Here's the official word from DJ Logic's webmaster...

"sorry dude. no NOLA set list. if i hear it i can tell you the tunes but at 
the time, things were so improvised that logic never even used a setlist. 
and the whole set with fishman, haynes and medeski is completelly improvised....
those aren't even real tunes."

andy hurwitz 

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