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SONY D8 DAT Deck Specs: - 48KHZ Sampling AND 16-BIT LINEAR Quantization provides rich, dynamic sound, for the ultimate in quality audio tape recording - SELECTABLE 48KHZ/44, 1KHZ/32KHZ Sampling Frequency for both Digital and Analog recording - BUILT-IN 1-BIT D/A CONVERTER with 8x OverSampling for low noise and extended Frequency response - SUPREME QUALITY SP MODE provides for up to 2 hours of recording of 16-bit Digital sound on a DT-120RN DAT cassette, ideal for recording live music - LONG PLAY MODE provides for up to 4 hours continuous recording and playback on a single DT-120RN DAT cassette, for conferences or other voice recording - 4 HOURS OPERATION WITH 4 "AA" BATTERIES (display illumination off and headphone jack un-plugged) is made possible by advanced design that allows extended battery life beyond previous limits - AUTOMATIC DATE FUNCTION provides for fast identification of individual recordings by automatically recording the date, day of the week and time of the recording as indicated by the LCD display - AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL RECORDING LEVEL is switchable and lets you select most appropriate volume levels for recording voice, music, or manual - ANTI-SHOCK MECHANISM maintains stable tape transport for accurate recording and playback even while the DAT Walkman is in motion - LARGE BACKLIT LCD DISPLAY clearly shows recording level, track number, operating status, and 4-segment battery indicator, even in low ambient light conditions - ID SUBCODE marking is switchable to mark the starting point of each program on the tape automatically or manually while recording - 100X HIGH SPEED AUTOMATIC MUSIC SENSORTM (AMS) Search function finds and plays tracks, and skips forward or back up to 99 tracks, all at 100 times normal speed - 2 SPEED CUE/REVIEW (3X/25X) lets you hear sound while the player is in fast-wind modes up to 3 times or 25 times normal speed - Digital INPUT AND OUTPUT JACKS permit digital connection to MD and CD players and home digital preamplifiers (requires optional digital cable), and automatically converts track information of MD and CD into start IDs (digital input only) - 4 SEGMENT LCD BATTERY INDICATOR provides a visual signal to alert you to diminishing battery power so you can recharge or replace batteries Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS) maintains volume output at levels that are below distortion threshold for cleaner sound reproduction