Band : Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels
Date : ??/??/72
"Cosmic American Music"
Source : SBD/AUD
Grade : A-/B+/B
Comments : Also known as "Rehearsal Tapes '72", this is a collection of demos and
           rehearsals recorded during the course of Gram's 1972 tour. Some tracks 
           were allegedly recorded in a hotel room on a portable "boombox". The
           quality varies wildly from track to track, ranging from excellent to
           almost unlistenable. Nevertheless, this is an absolute must have.

1) Song for You
2) Kentucky Blues
3) Streets of Baltimore
4) Folsom Prison Blues
5) Lovesick Blues
6) The New Soft Shoe
7) How Much I've Lied
8) Still Feeling Blue
9) Still Feeling Blue
10) Ain't No Beatle, Ain't No Rolling Stone
11) Medley: How Can I Forget You / Cry One More Time
12) A Song for You
13) Streets of Baltimore
14) That's All It Took
15) Somebody's Back in Town
16) More and More
17) Teaching Emmy To Sweep Out the Ashes
18) Daddy's Fiddle
19) We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning
20) Cold Cold Heart
21) That's All It Took
22) A Song for You

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